Why is an active birth better?

Almost every soap opera or TV program depicts a woman in labour lying flat on her back on a hospital bed screaming, or in a lift or a car in a flat panic. Why? Because it makes good TV; we enjoy drama. 

For most of pregnancy it’s recommended that you avoid lying flat on your back, why would this change on the day you are birthing your baby?

Being upright and forward (ie not lying down) is a far better way to birth.

Five ways to make sure you and your partner are a team when your baby is born

How do you keep the magic when your body is changing, your hormones are like a yo-yo and your other half is mourning the spontaneous you who didn’t use to plan how to get 10 pillows correctly positioned and be asleep by 8.30pm – only to get up three hours later obsessing about the contents of the hospital bag or when to pack it.

Here are five ways you can be the family that grows together, not the couple that drifts apart:

Is Hypnobirthing Right for Me?

Hands up, I’m totally biased! I know that the hypnobirthing programme I teach WORKS, and I know that I teach in a way that suits every learning style which means it will work for you. And, I’m really happy to walk you through the process so you can make the right choice.

What Is Hypnobirthing?

Traditional hypnobirthing might conjure up scenes of flower power, incense sticks, new age music, daisy chains, chanting, and I imagine, a fair amount of vagina whispering to coax your baby into the world.

Today hypnobirthing means different things to different people so if you’re looking to increase your chances of a calm, confident and comfortable birth read on.