Touch is the first language we ever speak

Touch is the first language we ever speak

‘I feel like I was taught how to be a good person, but I didn’t FEEL loved’ – ‘I know I was well looked after, educated and taught right from wrong, but I wish there’d been more physical affection other than the odd pat on the back’

These are exact quotes from two of my coaching clients. Grown up, smart, successful and savvy women who are now tapping into the fact that ‘something’ was missing from their own childhood.

Let me make one thing clear – I’m not telling you this to create mummy guilt (we’re all capable of doing that on our own!) - this is a simple invitation to consider whether baby massage would be a gorgeous thing for you and your little one to do together.

The benefits of baby massage are well known:

✔️ boosts sleep
✔️ improves digestion
✔️ eases colic
✔️ helps clear congestion
✔️ soothes a restless or fussy baby
✔️ good for muscle tone and development
✔️ supports healthy brain development 
✔️ did I mention that a sleeping baby helps you to rest??

And then there’s the token ‘helps you bond with your baby.’ Have you ever wondered what that actually means?

Perhaps you’ve been to a free baby massage course or stuck a video on youtube. You can find everything free if you look hard enough – but are you fully engaged in it and getting all the goodness out of it? I know when I stick a youtube video on I’m probably ¼ engaged whilst texting, checking an email or making tea. 

Sophia Hanson Baby Massage, Hebden Bridge

Did you know that TOUCH is how ‘babies get their information about the Universe which determines to a very large extend what kind of personality they will have as grown-ups. If the mother’s touch is tentative and light she’s likely to find herself with an irritable baby who cries a lot. What a mother communicates to her baby when she holds him with a good firm touch is that he can relax; she’s not going to drop him.” (Ina May Gaskin, birth educator and the ‘mother of authentic midwifery’).

In addition to baby massage and baby yoga I teach regular yoga, deep relaxation, hypnobirthing, and I support women to feel confident in who they are – to believe in themselves, especially in times of transition. I know how to deeply instil a sense of calm and presence.

Motherhood (even if this baby isn’t your first) is a time of extreme transition. You are no longer you WITH a new baby. You are a NEW YOU and a NEW BABY.

Which is why the six-week baby massage course starting on Tuesday, June 18th in Hebden Bridge is so much MORE than ‘how to help with colic’ (but believe you me it will help with colic – a lot)

I’m super excited to support you to:

✅ be fully present with your baby
✅ to meet him or her at the exact point that they need you
✅ to find ways for YOU to feel deeply mellow because we both know that mellow mums help create mellow babies
✅ to enjoy handling your baby more than just to change nappies, get dressed, undressed, feed (double boost if born by c-section or assisted birth)
✅ to teach them through touch that you deeply love and cherish them

Creating comfort, care and pleasure through touch helps your baby develop secure attachment.

And not only that, the way that I teach is deeply relaxing for you – gentle, steady pace with time for questions, chat and the kind of nurture that keeps mums like you topped up all day long.

You can book your spot here.

Everything is supplied, you just need you and your baby.

Big Baby Snuggles, 
Sophia xxx

PS – if baby massage isn’t for you there’s also baby yoga and postnatal yoga. Click here for full details.

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