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  • Combined Martial Arts School Valley Road HX7 7BZ Hebden Bridge (map)

Pregnant? Wondering what kind of birth experience you and your baby will have? Ready to consider your role in ensuring it’s as calm and comfortable a birth as possible?

Hypnobirthing courses

  • Would you like to learn how to have a better birth?

  • Do you want to birth feeling calm, confident and in control?

  • Would you enjoy spending a couple of hours learning proven techniques with other people who feel the same?


During this workshop I will teach you:

  • How to relax even if you’re the kind of person who just can’t sit still

  • The (proven) benefits of using breathing and hypnobirthing techniques in pregnancy and labour

  • What to do when panic or worry threatens to set in

  • How the mind and body are connected - and why that even matters

  • What you need to know to have a better birth

  • Relaxation tools to use now, in labour, and life (warning, they will make you a calmer, more confident parent too)

I will also take you through:

  • Some gentle yoga movement (zero experience required)

  • A guided relaxation so you can FEEL the benefits (and not just take my word for it)


This workshop will also provide the opportunity for you to:

  1. Deepen your bond with your birthing partner

  2. Connect with your baby

  3. Meet other expectant and supportive mums and dads

  4. Get to understand how hypnobirthing works and whether it’s right for you

During this workshop we will focus on many elements to support pregnancy, pre-labour, labour, birth including:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Deep relaxation

  • Visualisation (just like the Olympic athletes use)

  • Movement to calm your mind and open up your body

  • The importance of relaxation in active birth and how to keep it simple

This session costs £35 per couple. I will also share additional ways I can support you so you feel fully prepared for the birth of your baby whether this is your first, second or third. The £35 will be deducted from the price of my full hypnobirthing programme IF you choose to further invest.


Saturday, May 18th will be a great morning out for you IF:

  • You are open to new ideas and experiences

  • You want to experience a better birth for you and your baby

  • You’re keen to give your family a calm and confident start

This workshop will be a small gathering - if you are pregnant and need to attend without your partner, individual places are available at £20 per person.


Sophia Hanson works as a prenatal yoga teacher, hypnobirthing practitioner, and offers baby massage classes in and around Hebden Bridge.


If you know you want to come PUT THE DATE IN YOUR DIARY NOW and make your booking below.

Saturday, May 18th

10am - 1215pm

Got a question I haven’t covered? Drop me a line!, call or text 07787 701 131.

Big baby snuggles

 Sophia xxx

PS - For a small investment of £35, you will learn many tools and techniques to support you through pregnancy and labour (and it’s not woo woo, it’s based on science and physiology, and techniques the world’s top athletes use to win).

The full birthing programme I offer is 10 hours of content (plus time that I prep), and it’s clearly not possible to cram most of that goodness into two hours, but if you want to test drive what I teach and how I am before fully committing this workshop is a great place to start. And, you can knock the price you pay off the course fee when you decide to join the other couples who want their baby’s birth to be as calm, relaxed and comfortable as possible. Birthing outcome reports for The Wise Hippo (who I trained with), show that 100% of the expectant mums who participated said their baby had the right birth on the day, and that even if medical intervention was required the techniques were vital to their wellbeing.

The next antenatal and birthing programme will start on June 1st, and run for the next three Saturdays in June. Group fees start at £245 per couple, and £395 for private sessions.

PS – I’d love to be part of your support network.