Confident Mum

Confident Mum

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Birth is one of the greatest transformations in life; a baby is born; a woman is born as a mother, a man as a father, and a family as a family. What do you personally need to feel confident? How do you ride the waves?

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You’ve never done this whole parenting thing before and at times you might feel like you’re grieving for the life you once had. 'How dare you', says the voice in your head! 'You are so ungrateful, you should be beyond euphoric now you have this beautiful child. But who am I now? All I talk about is nappies and how much sleep I didn’t get'. On and on goes the internal chitter chatter. 

Want to find your feet and get to know the new you? Want to know what to do when you get an attack of the blues? Struggling to find your voice as a new mum? Baby’s dad driving you round the twist? Feel like you don't fit in with the 'other mums?'

Maybe your baby isn’t even here yet and the niggling anxieties are worming their way into your mind.  Motherhood is guaranteed to bring up all sorts of feelings and emotions around your own childhood and how you were parented. It's time to transform how you think.  

IF you know you’re ready for more than tea and sympathy and want to find an empowered perspective and decide your next steps book a one-hour deep listening and confidence coaching session with me for £65, a block of four for £240, or a block of 10 for £550.

This is also available as a remote service (phone/facetime) whether you have or haven’t worked with me before.