Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation Course

Hypnobirthing & Birth Preparation Course

from 245.00

OMG I’m having a baby! Forget your baby’s position, where is your head at right now when it comes to giving birth?  Would you like to know what hypnobirthing could do for you?

Type of Session:

Are you quietly burying your head in the sand? Googling fanatically to find out what really goes on? Worrying about how you’ll cope or if you’ll need intervention? You might already be concerned that you’re not well enough prepared for your baby. Or you might be relatively calm and wide open to proven methods that help you labour and birth more comfortably.

Keep reading and see if what I offer you is exactly what you need.

I teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme which is all about getting you and your baby the right birth on the day. You will create a positive mindset about birth, and deal with any curveballs that come your way with calm confidence. I will give you the tools to do exactly that, and to labour as comfortably as possible.

I can’t guarantee that everything will be exactly as you hoped right down to the weather, but nor can anyone else.

What I can guarantee, and it’s really important that you hear this, is that if the curve balls do show up you can use all the tools and techniques I teach you to remain calm and in control. 

You will be present and focussed so you ask your medical caregivers all the right questions and fully understand the decisions you’re making. This means you’ll be able to look back on your baby’s birth, no matter what form it takes, and know that it was right for you and your baby.

Sound good?

Divine Hypnobirthing teaches the proven UK Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, which is a modern take on traditional antenatal classes.

Although structured the programme has been carefully created to make sure that you get what you need no matter what your concerns are, or what your learning style is. 

The course itself is run as 4 x 2.5 hours.

As well as becoming an expert in relaxation and learning valuable breathing techniques for labour and birth I teach you the following:

Class 1: Understanding the physiology and psychology of childbirth

  • Dissolve your negative birth beliefs and learn how to think in a new way

  • Learn the truth about hypnosis; there are no swinging watches, getting you to cluck like a chicken or stripping to your pants!

  • Familiarise yourself with the physiology of birth so you can stop worrying about how the baby’s going to get out of there

  • Understand how the mind interprets pain – and what to do about it

  • Take charge of your thoughts; enjoy your pregnancy and replace birth fear and anxiety with excitement

Class 2: Learning to become calm and relaxed no matter what

  • Learn how to become an expert in relaxation so that you can feel calm and in control in pregnancy and during your baby’s birth.

  • Discover how to use your breath during labour to make the experience as calm and comfortable as possible

  • Learn how to override panic and overwhelm and drop into calm, connected, and capable feelings

  • Understand how the body and mind can work together to support you and your baby

Class 3: Planning & Positivity for your baby’s birth - why does it matter?

  • Create your birthing preferences - why you need a plan even if it all goes out the window

  • Where do you want to birth?

  • What do you want your birthing environment to be like? The importance of getting it right.

  • What are the pros and cons of your choices; let’s explore so you have the knowledge to discuss confidently with your caregivers

  • Experience a powerful relaxation session to dissolve niggling anxieties so you can keep your calm

Class 4: Preparation and Practice supports you and your baby for a better birth experience

  • Recognise that you now have the tools you need to be ready for birth

  • Learn an incredibly effective form of light touch massage to stimulate your body’s natural comfort

  • Learn how to keep a cool head even if you’re handed a curveball

  • Explore the best positions to support an easier, more comfortable birth - and why they matter

  • Learn birth humming so you can avoid strenuous pushing for birth and reduce the risk of tearing

  • Walk through your labour and birth from it getting started to holding your baby in your arms, and how what you have been learning will support you on the day.

In addition to all of the above you will also receive:

  • A workbook manual that’s yours to keep and refer to (jam-packed with info)

  • Seven downloadable MP3 recordings of the relaxations and affirmations (plus bonus affirmation recording for your birth partner)

  • My ongoing support by email or phone up to the birth of your little one

  • Skills for life to help that will help you parent well, and feel happier

I currently deliver this programme in three ways: privately, in a group, or online.


£395 at my home in Hebden Bridge

This is perfect if you prefer undivided attention and absolute privacy.


£245 (currently maximum of three couples)

This is ideal if you enjoy a social setting and are looking to meet other expectant mums and birthing partners who are also happy to participate in a group environment.


If you live a million miles away from Hebden Bridge or quite simply can’t carve out the time for face to face contact me to discuss how I can support you. Get in touch for details about this.

Still got questions? Get in touch!