Nurturing New Mums - Post Partum Care

Nurturing New Mums - Post Partum Care

from 35.00

When a baby is born so is a mother. 

You prepared for this tiny little person right? You read the books, made a birth plan, got the crib and the car seat, but nothing, nothing, can fully prepare you for what happens when a tiny baby appears and is dependent on you 24/7.

I promise to love your little one but what I’m offering isn’t about breastfeeding or nappy rash, I’m offering DEDICATED TIME FOR YOU - nurturing visits for new mums. OMG, you’re going to love this!

Sessions within Hebden Bridge (plus five miles) charged at:
£35 per hour (to be used in one day)
£50 per 90 mins (to be used in one day)
£90 for three hours (can be enjoyed over two separate days)

I can make space for you on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons  -   let’s make a plan!

Book me in!

Who is this for?

Are you a new mum who’d love to see a smiley non-judgemental face approaching their front door? It doesn’t matter if you’re in last night’s clothes or recently been puked on. I’m there FOR YOU.

Is your partner about to go back to work? Would you just love someone to be there for you so that you can be there for your baby without feeling overwhelmed?

Would you dearly love just a ‘little bit of normality’ in your day that doesn’t involve talk about the latest poo-nami or your cracked nipples?

Did you turn invisible after you gave birth? Would you love for someone to ask how YOU are and listen without instantly asking if your little one is ‘a good baby’?

Do you feel like you had support when you were pregnant but now you’re left to get on with it? That everyone tells you it’s going to be a magical time then turns out it was – most people have done a vanishing act and are worried they’ll intrude if they just turn up. 

Or perhaps you need some visitor patrol (wink wink). There’s always one or two!

If this sounds like you then let’s create something gorgeous to for you. Here’s a starter menu:

  • Light touch massage for you (imagine someone massaging your feet while you breastfeed - oxytocin-fest!)

  • Gentle, relaxing yoga in your home where you don’t have to do anything to get ready for it

  • A neutral listening ear so you can say all those things you daren’t say to anyone else

  • Deep relaxation because let’s face it, you’re sleep deprived

  • A safe space to talk about your birth experience

  • Confidential space to complain about or champion your husband as a new dad (or second mum) (let’s face it the mums with disengaged partners don’t want to hear about your superhero or vice versa)

  • The little things driving you nuts? Yes, I can do those too - imagine slipping into fresh clean sheets tonight. Imagine how it’d feel if a fairy had appeared and put the bin out, cleaned the toothpaste out the sink, put a load of washing on or wiped the haze off the mirror? The dog? We might even stroll round the block

  • What was that, can I bring you cake? Yes. I can even rustle you up some lunch (did you remember to eat today?)

  • Essential tools to use when your mind gets the better of you (not good enough, winging it, not as good as blah blah blah)

And if you want to make it more about you and your baby. I can teach you:

  • Baby massage techniques to ease wind, colic, snuffles

  • Simple baby yoga to help you bond and encourage loving touch

  • The three of us can go out for a walk or run errands if you want support to just get out of the house 

And I can offer anything else that’s within my scope of care as a yoga teacher, hypnobirthing instructor, confidence coach, and woman who knows deeply what women need to feel cared for (and for me that includes a deeply relaxing and clean home!). 

Sophia, I NEED this for a whole month, how much?

If you want to book in 10 or more hours to be used over a 30-day period then it’s £28 per hour. Let’s create something that makes you feel supported like never before.

They say it takes a village to raise a child – let’s start to build yours now.