Preparing For Your Baby

Preparing For Your Baby

from 95.00

You’re pregnant and what you really want to know is how to enjoy the experience and give your baby the best start in life whilst staying connected to your partner and exploring his feelings.

The B.E.S.T. Start Solution™ is a brilliant foundation ensuring that you feel confident and empowered to make decisions that are right for you and your family.

Best taken when you are between 26-36 weeks pregnant.

£95 at my home, £105 at yours (within 20 mile radius of Hebden Bridge)


This is a four-step process designed to help you understand the bonding process, and how your own emotional wellbeing can support your baby’s long term emotional growth. 

It’s ideal for pregnant women (16-26 weeks), and their partners. It’s recommended in the early stages of pregnancy since we focus on intentional bonding. Whether you are already consciously creating a bond with your baby or not you are already defining what kind of relationship you will have as a family.

A lot of mums-to-be are worried, about whether any ‘upsets’ they experience during pregnancy could impact on their baby, and it doesn’t help that there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Even though you’re pregnant life continues to happen – there might be bereavement, job losses, stress, conflict.

And here’s the thing…

This means that at a time when you and your partner want to feel the most connected to each other and your baby, there might be stuff that causes upset and disharmony.

This three-hour session provides the space for you and your partner to consider and discuss your individual feelings about your pregnancy, the birth, and becoming parents (for the first time or again).

In advance of this session many couples have said that they find it tricky to share their real feelings because they are scared of worrying their partner or sounding ridiculous. Men often feel they shouldn’t open up about their concerns because they aren’t the ones who are giving birth.

MY MISSION is to share with you the tools and techniques to:

  • Help you understand your emotions in a calm, supportive way
  • Help you find ways to express yourself without causing upset or tension
  • Provide you with useful resources for pregnancy, birth, and life
  • Give you some great tools to replenish your own energy and be there for your family
  • Introduce you to lovely ways to connect with your unborn baby
  • Help you relax (and we’ll be doing specific relaxations during the session)

The session is divided into three parts:

1) Understanding your emotions: exploring the true purpose of them, learning how to listen to the messages they are sending you, and how to act on those messages effectively.

2) Looking after you: looking at ways that you can increase energy levels, let go of negativity, raise your self-esteem and encourage positivity.

3) Exploring a number of different ways for you to intentionally enjoy interacting and bonding with baby.

You will also have access to the MP3 relaxations following your session.

Divine Hypnobirthing teaches The Wise Hippo birth education programmes which has been awarded full recognition and accreditation by FEDANT, the Federation of Antenatal Educators.

This prenatal parenting programme is insightful as a standalone, and invaluable as a precursor to the hypnobirthing programme detailed here. 

Mums have shared that they feel connected to their baby at a deeper level, and their partners have shared that they feel much more a part of the pregnancy having attended this session.

Preparing for your baby is delivered privately at my home in Hebden Bridge and will last for 3 hours.