Choose The Right Birth On The Day

Choose The Right Birth On The Day

from 60.00

Hypnobirthing is about you and your baby having an empowered birth, whichever way he or she chooses to be born. If you’re considering an induction or c-section, know you’re birthing twins or your baby is in breech position book a private & bespoke add-on session to deepen your understanding and comfort.

Type of Programme:

I offer a private two-hour session on:

  • Breech turn and going ahead with a breech birth

  • Vaginal birth after caesarean (for mums who had c-section with previous baby)

  • Avoiding induction or preparing for induction if you agree you'd like one

  • Lotus birth session (leaving the umbilical cord and placenta attached to your baby until it falls off naturally)

  • Birthing twins

Investment: £60 each

Or a stand-alone caesarean birth programme to explore ways you can make your c-section as comfortable and connected as possible, and heal faster after surgery. This is your guide to preparing for a confident c-section.
(6 hours, private programme £175)